Was it just a lie?

I want to belive you
But after everything you put me throug
It's kind off hard for me to do
And now I feel like a fool for trusting you

Was it just a lie
Was it just a joke from your side
Please tell me I need to know
at least you got to let me go

I thought I'd got over you
I thought I put you in the past
But when you wrote to me that day
I was stucked back there again

I could only se the sides of you I liked
In the end I know it wasn't right
All my friends say "get over him
He only let you down again"

I need to go on with my life
I need to put you in the past
I won't ever be the same
You have made me to who I am

You have changed me
Made me to the person i am today
i want to hate you

but i hate myself 'casue i can't


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